what you need to know about your septic systemwhat you need to know about your septic system

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what you need to know about your septic system

The home's septic system is overlooked far too often. When was the last time that you had your septic system maintained? Have you ever tested the microbial levels in the holding tank? Do you know what is not safe to flush down the toilets or wash down the drains? There are many things that you should know about the septic tank that manages the waste from your home. Failure to care for the system properly and neglect to learn what to avoid flushing down into the system could cause it to fail and back up into your house. Take a few minutes to learn from the information posted on my site, so you can avoid this disgusting mess.

There’s Never Enough Space: Why You Need A Dumpster This Summer

When it comes to cleaning up, there's one thing you can never have enough of, and that's trash space. No matter how much you plan, there never seem to be enough trash cans to go around, especially when you rely on your curbside residential trash cans. Unfortunately, there are some cleanup projects that simply continue without sufficient trash space. For those projects, it's crucial that you rent dumpsters. If you're not sure that your next project will require a dumpster—or two—take a look at the list below. Read More